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Semarang - Demak Toll Road Development Continues to Protect Mangrove Areas on the Coastal Pantura

15 April 2021 |   News/General  |   153

Semarang - Demak Toll Road Development Continues to Protect Mangrove Areas on the Coastal Pantura

Jakarta - The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) continues to carry out the completion of the construction of the Semarang-Demak Toll Road in Central Java Province and continues to protect the mangrove area on the coast of the North Java coast. In building infrastructure, it not only aims to support economic growth and the nation's competitiveness, but also pays attention to the principles of environmental sustainability and sustainability.

PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono revealed that the principles of environmentally based and sustainable infrastructure development are the Ministry of PUPR's commitment starting from the survey, investigation, design, land acquisition, construction, to operation and maintenance (SIDLACOM) stages.

In an effort to minimize the negative impact on the environment from the construction of the Semarang - Demak toll road, the PUPR Ministry is working with the Regional Government to prepare a mangrove land relocation program around the construction of Section 1 of the Semarang - Demak Toll Road, Semarang - Sayung segment. There are 3 mangrove areas that will be relocated with a total area of ??approximately 46 hectares.

The mangrove tree's strong root system further helps to form a natural barrier against storm surges and floods. River and terrestrial sediments are trapped by roots, which protect the coastline and slow erosion.

Apart from being the lungs of the city, the conservation efforts of mangrove areas aim to maintain the function of mangrove forests as habitat for ora and fauna on the North Coast of Java and protect the coastline, including reducing the risk of abrasion.

The Semarang - Demak Toll Road was built under the scheme of Business Entity Cooperation with the Government (PPP) along 27 km to be integrated with the Semarang City Sea Wall as well as to cope with tidal flooding that often occurs in Semarang.

The construction of the Semarang - Demak Toll Road is divided into two sections, namely Section 1 (Semarang / Kaligawe - Sayung) along 10.69 km which is the support of the Government. Meanwhile, Section 2 (Sayung - Demak), which is 16.31 km long, which currently has 38.10 km construction, is managed by the Toll Road Business Entity (BUJT) PT Pembangunan Perumahan Semarang Demak with a total investment value of around Rp. 15.3 trillion.

The Semarang - Demak Toll Road is a supporter of increasing connectivity in the North Central Java region as well as connecting strategic areas, namely the ports, airports, industrial areas and religious tourism areas, especially in the Demak region. (BPJT / Dms)